Election Related Data

  1. District Communication Plan
  2. RO Communication Plan : 03-Purvi Champaran  & 04-Sheohar
  3. ARO Communication Plan
  4. Nodal officer of all Cell : Download(510 Kb)
  5. Observers (General & Expenditure) and their Nodal Officer : Download(644 Kb)
  6. Dispatch Center and Name of Charge Officer : Download(16 kb)
  7. Details of Counting Place
  8. Telephone and fax number of helpline call centers and Control Room and their in-charge Officer Download(60 Kb)
  9. Name of all Sector Officers Download(5569 Kb)  / BLO
  10. Telephone Numbers of all blocks Download(240 Kb) / Circle Download(232 Kb) / Sub-division Downloan(112 Kb) / Police Stations/Police linePolice Superintendents
  11. Name of all District Level Officers : Download(752 Kb)
  12. Name of key Police officers of Central Police Forces / BMP / Homeguard / District Police Download(284 Kb)
  13. List of Polling Station (AC wise)
  14. Statistics of Electors : Download(262 Kb)