Administrative Setup

East Champaran is a part of Tirhut Division. The headquarter of Purbi Champaran district is at Motihari. Presently Purbi Champaran consists of Six Sub-divisions and Twenty Seven Blocks. Nepal makes its northern boundary, Sitamadhi and Sheohar eastern while Muzaffarpur South and with part of Gopalganj bounds it in western side. The name Champaran owes its origin to Champa-aranya or Champkatanys. Champa or Champaka means Magnolia and aranya mess forest. Hence, Champaranya means Forest of Magnolia (CHAMPA) trees. It is popularly believed that the nomenclature here was made while the vest forest part was inhabited by solitary ascetics. It is needless to say that has Purbi means Eastern Side.

District Magistrate

District Magistrate is posted in the district who is the top most official of Revenue and civil administration. He often belongs to I.A.S. cadre. District Magistrate conducts development and welfare works in the district. ADM and other officers are posted in order to help D.M. In the administration. The district has been divided into six subdivisions namely Areraj, Chakia, Motihari, Pakaridayal, Raxaul and Sihrahana which are headed by sub-divisional officers either from I.A.S. or B.P.S.C. cadre. S.D.Os. are under direct authority of D.M. Subdivisions are divided in 27 development blocks where B.D.Os. are posted who undertake development and welfare projects. East Champaran district has 1346 villages.

Superintendent of Police

The Superintendent of Police, East Champaran is the head of the district police administration. The Deputy Superintendent of Police are posted to assist the police superintendent who are either from the Indian Police Service or the Bihar Police Service. In each subdivision of the district, the Deputy Superintendent of Police are posted who keep control on police administration.

Judicial Administration:

Judicial Administration: The Judges and Munshif magistrates are posted at district and sub-division who administer and deliver justice of different kinds. The district judiciary is part of Indian judicial system as envisaged in Indian Constitution and independent of district administration.