Single Form for Electoral Services (Voter Portal)

To ease the process of form submission, Election Commission of India is launching a new ‘Voter Portal’ ( ) to provide a seamless interface for registration, alteration in entries, deletion, change of address etc. Upon logging into the portal, the citizen is now presented with an interactive interface suggesting selection of choice based upon his previous selection.

The DIGI LOCKER has also been integrated with Voter Portal, so any issued document eligible as part of electoral form submission can directly be uploaded while submitting the form. The Voter Portal is integrated with the National Grievances Services Portal, by which all complaints can be submitted and viewed along with the forms.

The Voter Portal also integrates election related information relevant to the Voter. From his portal dashboard, a voter can see the election schedule, details of his Chief Electoral officer, District Election Officer, and Booth Level Officers., candidates who are contesting election in his constituency, their nomination status in real-time and their affidavits (assets, liabilities and criminal records). Thus a citizen can make informed choices.
On the day of the poll, the voter by entering the EPIC number will be able to see the number of people queued up in his/ her polling station, wherever Booth App is being used . Considering the COVID norms of social distancing, a voter can plan his visit to the polling station.
Voter Portal will also available in the Mobile app ‘Voter Helpline App’ from Google Play store and Apple App Store.
The application is available on both the Google Play Store: and App Store: