• East Champaran has a large potential for fishery development.
  • The district has quite a large number of rivers, lakes, marshes, pond and tanks.
  • It is estimated that there are 823 Government tanks and 161 private tanks with 9 water areas of 1920 acres. In addition, there are 28 lakes (mans) with a water area of 7,486 acres despite these resources, no integrated efforts appear to have been made to fully exploit the potential of development of fisheries and to adopt the techniques of composite fish culture.
  • Proposed that about 282 acres of water area of the existing Government and private tanks (about 151 of the total) in East Champaran may be taken up for fisheries development.
  • There is practically no export of fish from any of the markets beyond the district.
  • The yearly production of fish is estimated about 2500 M.T. of worth Rs. 25 crores.
  • The common species found in the district are carps –Rohu, Catla, Naini,Calvasu, Catefish, Boari, Tengra, Silonal, Bangas, Bachawa, Murels, Garai, Sawra, Chenga, Chitla, Hilsa, Gorarah,Pothiya, Chelwa, Bami, Gaineha, Changari,etc.
  • The world Bank financed 19 crore rupees for fisheries development schemes in Motijheel and Kararia Jheel in Motihari town and its adjoining area to make the lakes suitable for fish production.
  • Besides making the lakes suitable for modern fish farming, the development program involves constructions of sluice gates, protection of bandh, Deepings the inlet and outlet channels and weed clearance.
  • Fisheries industry is one of the upcoming industry in East Champaran.