1. East Champaran has a strong agricultural background. Agriculture is the main source of income of the people in East Champaran.
  2. Rice, paddy, sugar cane, Jute and lentils are the major crops of the district. The top rice-producing districts in terms of area are – East Champaran (5.7 percent), Aurangabad (5.5 percent) and Rohtas (5.4 percent). The top three wheat producing districts are – Rohtas (6.5 percent), East Champaran (5.2 percent) and Aurangabad (4.4 percent). (Government of Bihar Economic Survey 2014-15)
  3. Apart from agriculture, animal husbandry is one of the key sectors which is very important from the point of view of income and employment in the rural areas of Bihar. This sector 52 contributes about one-fifth of the total rural income, and provides large scale employment to women, belonging to the marginalised sections of society. The districts which have large concentration of goats are East Champaran, Araria and Katihar. (Government of Bihar Economic Survey 2014-15)
  4. There are some small scale industry like pearl button industry, fishery development which are popular in East Champaran.

Gross Domestic Product