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Programs & Schemes run by Agriculture Department
Program  & Scheme Description
Benefits of Diesel Grant for Irrigation
  1. Under the financial year 2018-19, the government has arranged to provide diesel subsidy to farmers for transplanting diesel driven pump sets in Rabi season crops.
  2. Diesel purchased for irrigation of Rabi crops from November 01, 2018 to March 7, 2019, will be given Rs. 50 per liter, Rs. 500 per acre, per irrigation diesel subsidy.
  3. This subsidy will be given at a maximum of Rs.2000 per acre for irrigation of wheat for 4 irrigations and Rs. 1500 per acre for other Rabi crops, i.e. oilseeds, seasonal vegetable, medicinal and aromatic plants for 3 irrigation.
  4. The benefit of this scheme will be given to online registered farmers only.
  5. Farmers, who is formerly registered at, they are not required to re-register, they can apply for direct diesel subsidy by going to
  6. Achievement on dated 01-12-2018.
    1. Total No. of Registered Farmers: 224144
    2. Number of applications in diesel grant: 119979
    3. Number of Total Beneficiaries : 88399
    4. Total approved amount: 10,43,66,291,51
Soil check
  1. Soil Health Cards are being provided free of cost to all the farmers of the state by collecting soil sample of each of their fields / plots after checking in the lab.
  2. On the basis of recommendations made in soil health card, balanced use of fertilizers in crops.
Grant for Crop Demonstration
  1. For the sowing of wheat from the Zero Tilease, a grant of Rs 3,600 per acre per farmer will be given for seed treatment, weedicide, micro nutrients and sowing expenditure from Zero Tillage.
  2. Grant will be given to farmers at Rs 6,000 per acre per farmer for crop based demonstration (Wheat from Zero Tillage).
  3. Grant will be given to a total of Rs 3,600 per acre per farmer in each item for seed, seed treatment, plant protection, soil treatment for lentil / gram / moong / rajma crop.
  4. Rai / mustard demonstration and beekeeping has been provided for granting Rs. 2000 per acre.
Seed scheme / Seed distribution on grants
  1. Under the Chief Minister Sharad Seed Extension scheme, every 02-02 farmers of the villages for wheat, gram / lentil will be selected and they will be provided 20 kg / 08 kg / 04 kg seed at 90% subsidy.
  2. A grant of 50 per cent of the value of seed for the purchase of certified seed, Rs. 15 per kg in wheat, Rs. 33 per kg in Black, Mustard / Mustard / Linseed / sesame / soybean, Rs. 50 per kg in pulses and 70 in hybrid sunflower / black mustard / mustard seed will be given.
  3. A grant of Rs. 2000 / – per acre for black mustard / mustard (with beekeeping) and sunflower demonstration (with bee keeping) at a rate of Rs. 2400 per acre will be given.
Diyara development scheme
  1. A grant of 50% of the cost value of the hybrid seed of Gord’s Group and Melons Vegetable will be given at a maximum of Rs. 8000 / ha.
  2. A provision of a grant of 50% of the cost value of seeds in advanced / hybrid pea seeds will be given at a maximum of Rs. 7000 / ha.
  3. A grant of 50 per cent of the cost of P.V.C. Pipe boring maximum of Rs 9000 / – per unit grant will be given.
  4. A grant of 50 per cent of the cost value in the Pavral Production of Advanced Prognosis, maximum of Rs. 24000 / ha will be given.
  1. Under the Pradhan Mantri Krishi Irrigation Scheme, provision has been made to provide 75% of the fixed price for drip and sprinkler irrigation per crop.