How to Reach

There are many modes of transport that can be taken in order to reach Motihari. You can opt for buses and trains and buses can be taken directly to the town of Motihari. The town of Motihari has a railway station of its own, with regular trains to all major destinations. You can thus opt for trains to Motihari directly, and this is the best option. Train fares are cheaper than bus fares too, but tickets need to be booked well in advance in order to travel through trains comfortably. The railway station in Motihari will have regular trains to the cities and towns of New Delhi, Anand Vihar, Howrah and Raxual. Train fares will start at Rs 450 for the basic class of travel.

Buses to the town of Motihari will be available regularly from the capital city of Patna. The city of Patna is located at a distance of around 160 kilometers from Motihari, and buses will charge fares of around Rs 165 to 190 per person. Buses will mostly be run under the state government/private.