Restricted Land

List of  Restricted Land in East Champaran (Motihari)
Sr. No. Name of Sub-Registry Office Name of Circle View / Download
1 Motihari Sadar Motihari Download(408 KB)
Banjariya Download(134 KB)
Sugauli Download(88 KB)
Turkaulia Download(2176 KB)
Piprakothi Download(48 KB)
2 Areraj Areraj Download(5177 KB)
Harsidhi Download(849 KB)
Kotwa Download(159 KB)
Paharpur Download(2301 KB)
Sangrampur Download(147 KB)
3 Chakia Chakia Download(2790 KB)
Madhuban Download(575 KB)
Mehsi Download(1965 KB)
Tetaria Download(58 KB)
4 Chhauradano Adapur Download(320 KB)
Bankatwa Download(55 KB)
Chhauradano Download(194 KB)
Ghorasahan Download(359 KB)
5 Dhaka Dhaka Download(4278 KB)
Chiraiya Download(952 KB)
6 Kesaria Kalyanpur Download(4819 KB)
Kesaria Download(671 KB)
Kotwa Download(157 KB)
7 Pakaridayal Phenhara Download(5491 KB)
Patahi Download(2138 KB)
Pakaridayal Download(8119 KB)
7 Raxaul Ramgarhwa Download(5390 KB)
Raxaul Download(3714 KB)