Electrical Connection for Agriculture

Consumer Facility Toll Free No – 1912

  1. The average cost of irrigation through an electricity-based pump set comes less than ten percent of the cost of irrigation from a diesel-based pump set.
  2. The camp is being organized in the Block Offices on every Wednesday to provide new connection for electricity the development of agriculture.
  3. In addition to the camp, new applications can be made through online portal ( or to provide new legal connections.
  4. Dedicate application with the identity card (such as Aadhar Card / Voter ID Card / other), Residential Identity Card (Aadhar Card / Voter ID Card / other) and land related paper (Khesra number) to get a new electricity connection.
  5. Within seven days, the statutory linkage will be provided if the infrastructure is available near the tube well. In case of non-existence of structural structure, the structure will be provided by constructing structure.
  6. For installation, other related installation materials should be made available at the time of installation of the meter by purchasing a board and KitKat or M.C.B.B. applicant for meter insertion.
  7. No amount is payable at the time of application. According to the following table, for payment of funding, payment of the amount determined will be payable in 10 equal installments along with the formal letter and interest will not be charged on installments.
    Details Single Phase Category Three Phase Category
    Application fee Rs 75/- Rs 200/-
    Installation Charge Rs 400/- Rs 900/-
    Security Amount Rs 400/- per H.P. Rs 400/- per H.P.
  8. The electricity used is to be paid only at the rate of seventy five paise (75 paise) per unit. In addition, there will be no fixed charge for any kind.