In general the district exhibits a high to low land with few gentle undulations. The drainage system of the district is controlled by the river Gandak, Burhi Gandak & Baghmati & its tributaries.

The total areas of land for cultivation is 303923 hectare. Irrigation facilities to 176115 hectare of land are available in the district while area under non irrigation is 127808 hectare.

The district receives a normal rainfall of 1241.6 mm . The economy of the district mainly depends upon agriculture. It has seen several ups and downs perpetuated by Baghmati in the form of flood, famine and drought. Flood and drought have remained the regular feature of the area .

District Specific Information regarding Agriculture : External Website Link 

Agriculture Contingency Plan for District East Champaran : Download(553 KB)

Soil Resource of East Champaran (Motihari) District, Bihar : Download(198 KB)