District Election Officer-cum-District Magistrate Mr. Raman Kumar inaugurated the Voter Awareness Center on dated 03-01-2019.

Publish Date : 06/01/2019

Today, on 03/01/19, District Election Officer-cum-District Magistrate Mr. Raman Kumar inaugurated the Voter Awareness Center. Addressing the media / media related to print / electronic media present at the press conference held on this occasion, the District Magistrate said that the total 23 cells has been constituted for smooth conduct of Lok Sabha General Election – 2019 and according to the scheduled work, regular Work is being reviewed at intervals.
Entries for the upcoming Lok Sabha General Election 2019 are being entered into the database of personnel. Data is being provided by concerned departments, whose insertion is being done on the software provided by the Commission. He said that the district has a total of twelve assembly constituencies, the list of electors in the assembly constituencies are prepared by the ERO.
According to the qualifying date 01/01/2019, under the special brief revision campaign, a total of 50060 (fifty thousand sixty) new applications has been received. After the regular checking of the received applications, the final publication of voter list will be made on January 18 and on January 25, the National Voters Day will be organized in all polling stations / all subdivisions and districts. Epic will be provided to new voters on the occasion of the National Voters Day.
The District Magistrate said that a discussion has been held in a meeting with the recognized political parties at regular intervals regarding the above activity. For a healthy democracy, it is necessary that the BLA (booth level agent) be appointed by the recognized political party at each polling station.
In the meeting held from time to time, requested the recognized political parties to complete the appointment of BLA on all polling stations. In the light of the above, RJD of the total 3269 polling stations in the district has been appointed by the highest 2754, by BJP 858 and by JD (U) 257 BLA has been appointed.
He urged all recognized political parties to take necessary action for the appointment of BLA immediately to all the polling stations, so that the meeting of the BLO / BLA could be held at regular intervals in the light of the directions received from the Election Commission. In the forthcoming Lok Sabha elections in 2019 VVPAT will also be used along with EVM at all polling stations.
Through VVPAT, voters will be able to ensure that they have voted which party. For the awareness of EVM / VVPAT, awareness program has been organized in the district based MJK Kanya Inter College, in addition to this, an awareness program has also been organized at all the officials / employees of the collectorate cadre and at the level of the subdivision.
Under the voter awareness, awareness program will be organized at large level for the awareness of the common public for EVM / VVPAT. An action plan is being prepared for this. District Election Officer-cum-District Magistrate Shri Raman Kumar said that for healthy democracy it is necessary that every voter will participate in the voting process.
A variety of programs will be organized by Sweep (Voter Awareness Koshang) to ensure the participation of common voters in upcoming Lok Sabha election 2019. Under this, KBC winner Shri Sushil Kumar has been selected as a District Sweep Icon after receiving the approval from the Election Commission, who will coordinate with Sweep Koshang and work to motivate the general voters to participate in the forthcoming Lok Sabha elections in the year 2019.
On this occasion, Deputy Development Commissioner Mr. Akhilesh Kumar Singh, Deputy Election Officer Mr. Dwarka Ravidas and District Public Relations Officer were also present.

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