Bihar Public Grievance Redressal Act

With effect from June 5, 2016, the Bihar Public Grievance Redressal Act has been implemented in the state for the purpose of resolving all the common grievances in a time bound manner.

What is special in this law?

All applicants from this law in 60 working days –

  1. Hearing of their grievances
  2. The opportunity to redress it and
  3. It has got the legal right to get information about the decision.

The hearing date is given by giving immediate registration number / acknowledgment of the complaint and the complaint is resolved by hearing a complaint from the government servant related to the complainant and the subject matter of the complaint. Also, a copy of the decision is also made available so that an appeal can be filed in case of distress caused by the decision.

What complaints can be lodged?

  1. To get any benefit in relation to any scheme, program and service being run by the state government in the state or
  2. For the delay or failure to achieve such profit, or
  3. Complaint can be filed to the Public Grievance Officer, in case of any violation of any rule-policy rules implemented by a public servant.

List of topics for filing of grievances for convenience is available on public grievance centers and website.

Who can file a libel?

Complaints can be lodged by any citizen or group of citizens. Disclaimers are filed.

How can the libel be filed?

  1. Going to the Public Grievances Counter located in subdivision, district and state headquarters or
  2. On-line web portal or
  3. Call Center’s toll free number-18003456284 or
  4. through E-mail from or
  5. through post.

Information-cum-facilitation center is also available to provide support and other information for lodging complaints.

In the last one year, more than 1.50 lakh people solve their problems related to drinking water, sanitation, toilet construction, housing scheme, ration-making, electricity related matters, encroachment, land records, education, health and other welfare programs have been done under this act.
If you want to get benefit from any scheme, program and service run by the state government in the state or if there is any complaint regarding it, then feel free to file dispute and take advantage of this transparent, accountable, effective and public utility system.


District Public Grievance Redressal Office

Location : District Collectorate Building | City : Motihari | PIN Code : 845401
Phone : 8544423735 | Mobile : 8544423735 | Email : dpgro[dot]eastchamparan[at]gmail[dot]com