Voter Turnout App

Voter Turnout App.

Voter Turnout App will be used to display real-time estimated provisional voter turnout details of each Assembly Constituency/ Parliamentary Constituency entered by Returning officer. The application can also be used by the media to capture live estimated voter turnout data. All phases of the elections will be displayed through this app in real-time. The application is available on the Google Play store


The application is designed to show the Estimated Voter Turnout for each state which can be drilled down to District and Constituency level.
The information is displayed in real-time from the Voter Turnout ENCORE Server. There is no data entry provision in Voter Turnout App, as it is only meant for the dissemination of the estimated Voter turnout percentages.

The main features of the App are:

  • Estimated Voter Turnout live poll percentage (Poll Day)
  • Share poll percentage (Via Facebook, Twitter, What’s app, Gmail etc.)
  • Filter Election type (to view Election wise, State-wise, District wise, Constituency wise)